Weighing In the Principles of Beauty Pageants: Women Empowerment or Discrimination?

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Beauty pageants are some of the most anticipated events every year the world over. Regardless of where you hail from, people eagerly await the results of such events. Every year, countries are spending a fortune to be able to properly represent themselves in such pageants. Sending in their prettiest, sexiest, most talented, and intelligent women to vie for these titles every year. The organizers of these pageants believe that these contests are made to help empower women by making them feel good about themselves. Such, they claim is one of the reasons of success of these many beauty pageants. Get detailed information about the best way to lose your eve-increase weight, on this website: www.runliftyoga.com

Criticisms of Beauty Pageants

However, these pageants are often criticized. Critics often call out these competitions for merely focusing on the physical appearance of the contestants. In most of these pageants, they are looking for good-looking and sexy women as candidates. The prettiest of these contestants based on the decision of the judges are then crowned the winners of the pageant. Such puts pressure on the contestants to try and conform to standards of beauty, spending their time and resources on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling, even with cosmetic surgery. This benchmark for beauty makes them end up resorting to different unhealthy practices that can harm themselves. Some of those are extreme dieting, among others. Given this rather shallow interpretation of beauty, some experts say that these contests are defeating their very purpose and are responsible for disempowering women. Instead of making these women feel better about themselves by promoting beauty that goes beyond skin deep, these contests oftentimes zero in on physical than over all beauty. This actually can make women feel inadequate and strive to be better physically rather than have a well-rounded approach on beauty.

A Step Backwards for Women?

While women take the center stage in these pageants, many people argue that these beauty contests actually do not champion the rights of women. Instead, some critics believe that these pageants take advantage of, and exploit women. For one, experts have time and again said that beauty is subjective.

However, despite the criticisms thrown against beauty contests, many women like to see things from a different perspective. Many beauty pageant contestants believe that such competitions inspire them and other women to be more independent, free when it comes to their choices, and to live a healthier lifestyle. These are some of the many reasons why beauty contests flourish despite criticisms. Since time immemorial, many beauty pageant alumnae have found success in different industries, from beauty school and fashion industry to media, many have landed on reputable careers. This only shows that they were able to use their beauty pageant experiences in real life, and now, they are reaping the fruits of what they worked for.

Behind the Scenes

Beauty pageants do not only benefit the contestants themselves as they help a whole industry. These beauty competitions create a whole new industry where different professionals and workers flourish. Some of the people who benefit from these events include hairstylists, fashion designers, makeup artists, fitness coaches, dressmakers, marketing and advertising professionals, event planners, beauty therapists, and even beauty school graduates.

In a nutshell, beauty pageants are not without criticisms and flaws, but they provide so many benefits to people and different industries as well. If these events can be maintained without exploiting women, they can definitely promote women empowerment. Get detailed information about the best way to groom your personality of you are height wise above average person, on this website: www.supplementsangles.com