Top 9 Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

Whiter Teeth

It is critical to have sparkling teeth to maintain a smart and vibrating personality. However, people neglect oral hygiene due to their busy schedules. Therefore, it is important to follow some quick home remedies for whiter teeth. Get detailed information about the best way to take care of your oral health, on this website:

#1 – Brush Regular With An Indian Lilac
• The Indian Lilac Tree has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
• Due to these properties, many health practitioners recommend brushing the teeth with its stem for healthy and whiter teeth.
• You must remove the stem’s bark before brushing the teeth for best results.
• If Lilac’s stem is not available, you can use the roots of the Banyan tree also.

#2 – Eat More Fruits And Avoid Artificial Sugar
• Artificial sugar can create many gum diseases like cavities and plaques.
• Therefore, it is important to replace artificial sugar with natural sweet fruits like Apple, oranges, and lemons.
• Many nutritionists recommend consumption of dark chocolate as an alternative too.

#3 – Consume Green Tea
• You must drink a cup of green tea twice a day.
• Green tea consists of fluorides that help to maintain solid teeth.

#4 – Avoid Alcohol
• Regular and heavy consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. It can also dry out the tissues and make bones weak.
• If you are a heavy drinker and smoker, you must stop consuming alcohol completely.

#5 – Use Straw
• It is critical to use a straw to consume fruit juices from plastic cans.
• It reduces the chances of any gum contamination and tooth decay due to a number of bacteria present on plastic cans.

#6 – Bay, Basil, and Turmeric Paste
• Turmeric is a natural teeth-whitening agent. You can crush Bay and Basil leaves to make a paste and add turmeric into it.
• Finally, rub this paste directly on the gum area.

#7 – Use An Authentic Teeth Whitening Kit
• You can also use an authentic teeth-whitening kit along with above natural methods.
• A typical kit consists of whitening strips, oral solution, and a toothpaste.
• As natural methods take time, you can use the kit to whiten your teeth for short duration of time.

#8 – Change Your Toothbrush Regularly
• You must change the toothbrush after every three months to maintain oral hygiene.

#9 – Consume Vegetable Juices
• Vegetable juices contain anti-fungal properties to treat diseases that cause yellow teeth.
• For best results, pick fresh vegetables (Bitter gourd, Carrot, Aloe vera, Beetroot, etc.) and grind them together to prepare the juice. Get detailed information about the traditional and herbal treatments for oral cavities, on this website: