The Primary Predisposing Factors to Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are the bulging and twisting of blood vessels that are experienced by a large number of individuals around the world. Many people view this problem as a cosmetic disorder that should not worry individuals. However, a significant number of people are concerned about the increasing size of their veins. Some go to the point of experiencing substantial levels of pain leading them to seek medical attention from medical practitioners. The question of who can get varicose veins has emerged several numbers of times. However, various research studies have highlighted some of these factors as leading to vein swelling. Get detailed information about different types of medical terms, on this website:

  • Age

It has been reported by various medical practitioners that the risks of getting bulging veins increase with age. Aging has been known to cause wear and tear to the valves on the lower part of the leg hence leading to a situation where there are no valves to control the flow of blood from the legs to other parts of the body. Weak and damaged valves fail to prevent the backflow of blood. The blood that flows back to the lower part of the leg sticks for a more extended period which ends up causing this problem.

  • Sex

The gender of a person has a significant role to play such that women are known to have higher chances of getting varicose veins treatment problems as compared to men. Women are known to have a significant number of hormonal imbalances in their bodies such as menstrual period, and pregnancy which leads to the expansion of blood vessels hence increasing the likelihood of vein problems. For varicose veins treatment, women are required to use hormone replacement therapy or other treatment methods such as reduction of birth control pills which will play a critical role in eradicating the problem.

  • Occupation

The occupation of an individual plays a critical role in determining whether he or she will be getting vein problems. Individuals who spend much of their time sitting or standing have higher chances of getting varicose problems as compared to those individuals who spend their time performing their duties while moving. Sitting or standing for long periods makes it difficult for blood to flow back to the heart. The fact that blood does not flow back to the heart is a serious challenge as much of this blood ends up accumulating on the lower parts of the legs, which can lead to vein challenges.

  • Obesity

Having too much weight is a problem, and it only exposes you to vein problems. People with added weight exert much weight on their bodies, especially the lower parts of their legs, which ultimately leads to vein challenges. The substantial weight of the body forces the small blood capillaries, not to rapture which leads to blood accumulation in the lower veins. To avoid this, individuals are highly encouraged to manage their weight so that they can prevent exerting much pressure on the lower part of the body.

  • Family History

Bulging veins is a cosmetic disorder that is likely to be experienced by people from the same family through hereditary. If a particular member of the family experiences vein problems, there is a high chance that another member of the family will experience the same problem. People with hereditary vein problems need to seek medical attention earlier so that they can protect themselves from getting the disorder.

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